49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe on W4th Ave, Vancouver

With the kids back to school, Polly and I resumed our ladies meet. Polly suggested 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe from a Chinese magazine that she came across.


49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe is located on 2152 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver. Polly likes this trendy neighbourhood.


49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe sources the world’s finest coffee beans and roast them in-house to bring out their best qualities. This place was buzzing with customers while we were there. According to the Chinese magazine, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe has been in business for 4 years. One of the owner was a partner of Caffe Artigiano who decided to further his research on how to roast coffee to bring out it’s best quality.


Polly and I decided to try the coffees of the day. Recommendations from the Chinese magazine are their latte and Soma Chocolate which we missed out to try. We only re-checked the magazine after the meal.


Polly had the Panama DonĀ  Pepe while I had the Decaf Colombia la Serrania. We enjoyed the coffee which has a strong flavour. The fresh brew coffee is $2.30 for a large cup.


We like that 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe has some good pastries to go with our coffees.


We ordered some pastries to try. The above is the Almond Croissant from …Thomas Haas. The croissant has a nice crunchy topping and the filling is not overly sweet. I cant recall it’s price. Most of the pastries are $3 plus.


The above is called Quart Cheese. This is creamy and has raisin in it.


The last item we tried is the Raspberry Hazelnut Torte for $3.75. This is the sweetest among all the pastries that we tried. It has a mild nutty and raspberry flavour.

Polly and I are glad that things are back to routine and we can have some times for ourselves.

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  1. Franklin

    While I always enjoyed an afternoon stay at 49th parallel, be it for their siphon or just iced tea, someone had let me know that they are not being honest in their bean roast date. Just something to watch out for if you plan on buying their beans.

  2. Jayda

    We love the coffee and pastries here. We buy the coffee for our espresso machine at home and find the quality to be superb…..especially if you use a burr grinder. The hot chocolate is excellent…. more like a drinking chocolate (much thicker…higher chocolate to milk ratio).

  3. Jayda

    ps…. I am loving your posts….. plus your pictures are awesome! Thanks for holding down the fort while Ben travels…. I’m just hoping you are able to continue once he gets back… it’s nice to have a woman’s point of view as well.

  4. Alison Lard

    The coffee shop played offensive music. When I told the owner he apologized and sent us 20 dollars. But the sales manager kept harassing us and trying to get revenge. This cafe is bad tasting coffee and is very expensive There are many good cafes in Vancouver which have lower prices and nicer staff

    Please don’t give your business to 49th Parallel Coffee

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