Bubble Tea Shop on No. 3 Road, Richmond

Ben and I went to the Real Canadian Superstore to get groceries in an afternoon, around 3PM.


We had wanted to try the Bubble Tea Shop at the corner of the Real Canadian Supertore but it’s either we were there in the morning when they are not open yet or there are too many people in the shop. This place opens from 12PM to 10PM.

This day, we were surprised to see the shop was empty around 3PM. So, we decided to return our shopping cart and have a dessert to share first.


The shop was decorated with Halloween decor as it’s near Halloween.


Besides dessert and drinks, the shop also sell a lot of cute comic character keychains, memorabilia, toys, gifts, etc.


This is a self service place. You order and pay at the counter and pick up your order when your number in your receipt is called. You are expected to return the trays to a designated area too.


You can view the bubble waffle in the making from the outside of the store.


This is what we had, Mango Cheesecake Supreme Bubble Waffle. The waffle was crispy on the outside. I like the saltiness from the cheesecake which balance off the sweet mango.


There is a water station for you to clear your palate.


Credit card is accepted here.

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