Danny’s Market, corner of Garden City & Francis, Richmond

It was a gloomy and showery fall Saturday. The boys do not want to go out to eat. Moreover, there is a hockey game at 1:00PM.


So, we settled with Danny’s Market pizzas since Danny’s is having a Customer Appreciation Special advertised in the Richmond News paper. This offer is only for pick up only. It took about 30 minutes for the order to be ready for pick up upon order.


Danny’s Market is an east Indian convenience store. It’s a longer timer in the corner of Garden City Road and Francis Road. Danny’s Market is famous for their screamers. There is a couple of tables in the store for people to eat in. They serve pizza, samosa, pizza pockets, hot dogs, garlic twisty bread, sandwiches, etc. I also saw a sign that says Danny’s chicken coming soon.


We brought home two large pizzas from the coupon deal.


The first pizza is Butter Chicken Pizza.  It has a mild butter chicken flavour. Nanzaro commented that …he preferred more sauce to it. Arkensen said the butter chicken pizza is interesting because he simply loves butter chicken.


The next pizza is Pepperoni and Mushroom which was recommended by the person who took the order. He said that was popular in Danny’s. Nanzaro agreed that this is better than the Butter Chicken pizza.


The pizza is of regular crust, bready and slightly crispy at the bottom.


The deal also comes with 3 free Garlic Twisty Bread. They were soft and has a sour cream like seasoning on it. They are pretty good.


The boys just must have some screamers when they are in Danny’s Market. Arkensen had a large coke screamer while Nanzaro had a large coffee screamer. They were $4.47 each for the large size. Nanzaro did not like the coffee screamer as he said it tasted weird. I had a few sips and it did not taste like coffee much.


Danny’s Market accepts credit card. The coupon deal is valid until Dec 16, 2011 and not applicable on long weekends.

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  1. foodieonthe49th

    My cousin loves the screamers at Danny’s Market. Haven’t had one from there yet. But I have tried the version from Mac’s on No. 4 Road and Williams.

  2. mo

    i love the screamers there, i heard that they mix their own syrup (not sure how true this is). my favourite is the almond roca screamer and a close second is the orange crush one. huskys have “screamers” too, but it’s not the same, i think it’s also the soft serve that makes it different.

  3. Eric

    Is a screamer a type of smoothie?

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