Aberdeen Food Court in Richmond

Finally, Lorna, Emily, Marian and me were able to meet up to celebrate the September girl’s birthday. We met up at Aberdeen Food Court since the birthday girl has not been to Aberdeen Food Court before and had expressed her wish to go there. Emily also brought a friend to join us.


We’ve got gifts from Marian. The above were peanut candies that Marian brought back from trip to China in summer. Marian, thank you for your thoughts.


The peanut candy is soft and crumbly, creamy and powdery at the same time. The box comes with 3 flavours, original, rose and low sugar. If I read the package correctly, it says these candies are imperial goodies.


Each of us went to get some of our favourite food for the party. I went straight to Wo Fung Dessert for their popluar deep fried chicken wings. There was a small line up already.


I ordered 12 deep fried chicken wings for $12.50. They were crispy on the outside and has 5 spice aroma. I over ordered as there were left overs for me to bring home. Nanzaro enjoyed them a lot.


I also ordered a serving of Deep Fried Intestine to try . This was … $3.75. It is served with some sweet chili sauce. They were crispy on the outside and chewy inside.

When I picked up my food, they did not give me any napkin. So, I asked for some and they only gave me 2 pieces. Come on, the chicken wings are finger food. I’m sure they understand that 12 pieces are for sharing and not for myself only. When I came back to ask for a box to pack the leftover, I had to pay a quarter for it. Next time, when you order food here, ask for take out even if you are going to eat there just in case you cant finish the food.

Wo Fung Dessert 甜甜車仔麵 (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon


Since Lorna was waiting at the table so that we can go get the food, I also bought an item of her choice. Lorna told me she likes the Takoyaki from Ajijiman Hanabi.  The above 6 pieces was $4.95.

I did not get a photo of the store front as the server told me no picture when I was about to take one.

Ajijiman Hanabi (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon


Marian got some Korean food for the party. She got 2 dishes from Jang Mo Jib.


The first item that Marian bought was the Beef Short Ribs Set for $11.95. It came with steamed rice, kimchi, 2 gyozas, potatoes, soy sprout and a soup.


Marian also got a Japchae for $9.95. It’s Korean style stir fry potato noodles with lots of vegetables like carrot, bell pepper, onion and mushroom. The japchae was flavorful. You can find the recipe of japchae here.

Marian also encountered problems when she tried to ask for more utensils and tea. She was charged $1 for the extras.

Jang Mo Jib (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon


Emily and her friend got 2 items from Mambo Cafe.


The first item was a Seafood Fried Rice. They were a little spicy and the seafood flavour did come through. There were shrimps, squid and mussel in it.


The other item which Emily and friend got was a Stir Fry Noodle dish. We ordered so much food that we hardly touched this fried noodles and the fried rice. Emily was smart to order them in take out boxes. The items in Mambo Cafe come with a drink.

Mambo Cafe 萬寶茶餐 (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon

Most of the stalls at the Aberdeen Food Court accept cash only.

We had a great time sharing stories. Lorna shared with us her scary dinner experience the night before. She was having a dinner with friends in a restaurant on Victoria Drive. They were seated facing the back entrance. When they were at the 3rd course, a man came in through the back entrance and started to grab lobsters from the tank and tossed them out to a waiting partner. After the man got several lobsters, he ran away.

Later, the owner came out to console the diners and he said he said he wont report the incidence as it’s too much trouble and he rather absorbed the loss of a few lobsters.

Lorna’s group continued with their dinner. When it came to the last dish, i.e. the dessert soup time, the man who stole the lobsters came back again. This time, with a cleaver in one hand and a lobster in another hand. Lorna was so scared that she hid under the table. The robber tossed the lobster towards Lorna’s table. Apparently, the lobster was dead and the robber was not happy. He then grabbed a few more lobsters and ran again.  What a dining experience.

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  1. Jo

    OMG… is Lorna all right? Which restaurant was it that she went to? My family frequents the establishments on Victoria Drive quite a bit…

  2. tila

    THOSE ARE MY FAVE CHICKEN WINGS! Besides phomn penh of course, the one from aberdeen mall IS DELICIOUS! you do know there is always a huge line up for it right, you have to take a number and sometimes they completely sell out!! i wish aberdeen food court in my opinion is the best food court ever.

  3. Marike



    I’m very curious to know which restaurant so I can avoid sitting in the back…

  4. tila

    sorry i meant I wish aberdeen food court could be my food court instead of the crap i have at school. haha!!

  5. Kevin

    This was just a regular post..

    ’till the very end.

    What the fu….!??!

  6. Pinoy Gourmet

    What restauranT?So I know where to avoid seating beside the Lobster Tank

  7. LotusRapper

    Lobster Robbers ?!? Who knew.

    And with gold @ ~ USD$1700/oz, maybe I shouldn’t sit so close to the calendars and other prosperity-related paraphernalia with all them “gold-plated” letterings 😉

  8. Judy

    I miss the Aberdeen food court! Those wings look good.

    Other Aberdeen food court highlights: The bubble tea from the fruit juice place, and pho from the Vietnamese place! Obviously I pay more attention to the food than I do to the resto names.


  9. sugar

    Which restaurant is it? I dine on Victoria Dr. regularly.

    1. Suanne

      I had checked with Lorna and she would not want to review the restaurant name as she’s worried of getting into trouble and I respect her view.

      1. sugar

        Thanks anyway:)

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