Hollywood Steak House on Leslie Road, revisited

It’s always a nightmare to find a parking spot in any eatery in Richmond during the weekend. I was rounding from one restaurant to another and finally found a parking spot at Hollywood Steak House. We had blogged about Hollywood Steak House in 2007. It’s time for a revisit.


Hollywood Steak House is located on Leslie Road, a side road from the ever busy No. 3 Rd. I’m surprised that there were ample parking spots here.


This place looks nicer that what I remembered. Even the chairs have covers. There are 2 flat screen TVs too.


Since this is a Hong Kong style cafe, we had hot and ice milk tea for our drinks which come with the our meal order. There is $1 extra charge for the cold drinks.


Nanzaro got the more expensive dish. The above Shrimp Paste Rice Noodle is $9.95. We could smell …the aroma of shrimp paste when it was served.


Although slightly oily, this dish has good breath of the wok (“wok hei”). Look at the charred bits on the tender beef and noodles.


Nanzaro ordered the Sliced Beef with Ramen in Satay Soup. He loves the satay flavour. Arkensen always orders Doll Noodle with Satay Beef if we go to a Hong Kong style cafe for breakfast. This is $7.95.


The Satay Soup is flavourful with the sweet peppers flavour standing out. Look at all the leftover sweet peppers which mummy had to finish off Nanzaro’s bowl.


I had Pan Fried Chicken Chop with Ramen in Miso Soup. It is also $7.95. Look at that big of chicken chop. I forgot to ask for the chicken chop to be plated separately to keep its crispiness. Nevertheless, the chicken still has a crisp to it despite its soaked in the soup. This bowl of ramen is served with some bok choy.


Hollywood Steak House accepts cash only. We enjoyed our meal here and most important of all, parking is plenty.



You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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  1. Anthony

    I know it is a mistake, but it’s quite funny to see the restaurant open for only an hour on Fridays and Saturdays according to the sign. 🙂

  2. cmee8

    Yummy fried belachan. Great review Suanne n it goes on my “check it out” list.

  3. foodieonthe49th

    Can anyone tell me why cold drinks are usually extra? I don’t really understand the reasoning behind it. It just a couple of extra ice cubes, isn’t it?

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