Beijing Day 3: Breakfast at Tai Hing in Oriental Mall

As usual we woke up early to have an early head start of the day. It’s hard to sleep in. Especially when I am so excited. The strange thing is, I was expecting to feel the jetlag hit me by now. Instead, it did not.

Ben brought me to a Hong Kong style cafe in Oriental Plaza for breakfast. There is another Tai Hing also about 5 minutes walk away from the apartment, we went instead to the Oriental Plaza as there are more choices because the Oriental Plaza has a couple of subway stations.

Tai Hing is a popular chain restaurant from Hong Kong. It used to be a small siu mei (roast meat) shop in Hong Kong and over the years, it had turned into a chain restaurant with a presence in China.


Tai Hing had just opened for breakfast and we were one of the early birds here. Tai Hing is a slightly upscale Hong Kong style cafe. It has a nice and pleasant decor.


Ben really likes the iced milk tea here. The milk tea is served on a bowl of ice to keep it cold instead of having ice in the milk tea which kind of dilute the drink. The tea is smooth and strong. So is my milk tea hot.

On the other hand, the serving of ice outside the cup is a good idea too. In China, Ben said that he makes sure he does not drink anything that is not boiled, especially ice. It is because the water here is not as clean as we have in Vancouver.


Ben brought me here to try the pineapple bun. Unfortunately, Tai Hing only serves pineapple bun at lunch time. That was such a disappointment. So, I opted for French Toast. It is served with a pat of butter and of course syrup.


The French toast here is unlike those that we find in Vancouver. There is no …coconut jam (kaya) in the French toast here. I preferred it with coconut jam.


The picture of the pineapple bun is from Ben’s previous visit to Tai Hing.

Anyway, Ben told me that the pineapple bun here is not particularly great but he just wanted me to try it and compare it again the ones we had in Lido. According to him, the ones in Lido beats the ones in Tai Hing. He think it is because Tai Hing does not bake the buns in store.


Ben’s favourite Hong Kong style breakfast is noodle soup with spam and fried egg. He often has this for his breakfast at the Crystal Mall. So he got that.


His choice of noodle is doll noodle. I wonder why, I thought maybe it has a springy texture.


Ben particularly like the spam here. It has chunks of meat through out and has a really nice texture — a combination of soft and rougher meat. It seems like they make the luncheon meat themselves.

We had a light breakfast because we know we have a lot to eat throughout the day.


Our breakfast was RMB72 which is CAD12. We are all set for another adventurous day. The service is excellent. One thing we like about the tables here is that there is a drawer of cutleries under the table. You can help yourself to everything you need.

The below is the picture of the siu mei that Tai Hing is famous for. I did not eat this but are pictures from Ben’s previous visit. Isn’t it a good idea how they serve all eight types in a plate?


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  1. Oliver

    The siu mei looks great and is a great idea to have variety. Worrying about water quality is a real drag though. Noticed the ice with the butter. We take clean water so much for granted.

    1. Ben

      Hi Oliver: Yeah, I was really careful about the water in Beijing. The water that came out of the tap in my apartment is cloudy and I had to use the tap that has a filter on it. Even then I had to boil the water.

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