Uprising Breads Bakery on West Broadway, Vancouver

Polly and I were able to resume our cake meet after a month of break since the winter break. Polly had been busy at work since the beginning of the year.


It’s been a while we did not go for sweet treats. So, we went to Uprising Breads Bakery on West Broadway to satisfy our sweet tooth. Street meter parking is available along west Broadway. We noticed that the meter parking is strictly enforced because we saw a parking enforcement officer going around checking the meter and issuing ticket for those who violated the parking.


Like most bakery cafe, customer orders and pays at the counter and brings the food to a vacant table to enjoy. Behind the booth seat of the picture on the right is an area where breads and sweet treats are stationed for take out orders.


Polly ordered a 12oz latte for her drink. The latte is $3.95. The latte art is not as impressive as those in Caffe Artigiano just a few doors away.  We had been to the Caffe Artigiano on West 41st but not the one on west Broadway.

There is soy besides cream and 2% milk at the condiment station for coffees.


Since we ordered the Pie Day special on Friday which comes with a drip coffee, I had the drip coffee with medium roast. The coffee is ok. Oh!, the pie and coffee combo is only $2.99.

There are 3 pies to choose from; apple, rhubarb and blueberry. We opted for the blueberry pie. It was a large piece, almost a quarter of a 6″ pie. The filling is pretty thick and not too sweet.

Besides the Friday Pie special, there is also Lunch special like sandwich and salad for $5.95 or sandwich and soup for $6.95.


The above is Dark Chocolate Spelt Muffin. It is the cheapest in the list of items we ordered but it is also my favourite. It is only $1.75. It is moist inside but crunchy outside. It is filled with  fruits and nuts. It is dense and feel like fruit cake with a crunchy topping.


We also ordered an Apple Croissant to share. It is $1.95. It is like an Apple Strudel.


There is not much of apple filings in the above. Not very impressive of this.


We ended our meal with a cheese cake. It is the most expensive item besides the latte. It is $3.75. We enjoy cheese cake because it has a light saltiness to it and it’s creamy.


Uprising Breads Bakery accepts credit card.

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7 days a week

8:00 am to 8:00 pm



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    1. Ben

      Hi Sara: Yeah, I saw that. It could be exciting but seriously, I can’t give up my day job to do this. Moreover, I think it will take away the fun of blogging. Thanks anyway for even thinking we could do it. 🙂 Ben

      1. shilo

        How about Suanne? She should seriously consider.

  1. Jean

    For certain a person who wins would have to go jogging regularily.

    Uprising Breads- I find their breads and pastries a touch on the heavy side. I prefer Terra Breads –lighter, more innovative (grape dessert foccacia, blueberry white chocolate bread, almond-anise biscotti, etc.) and rarely do they use icing on their desserts. Terra Bread has more French rooted lightnes in their baked breads. Whereas Uprising Breads seems more East European heaviness in their desserts.

    1. LotusRapper

      I agree. I find Uprising’s breads too dense for my preference.

    2. Tammy

      That’s why you win a gym membership in that whole food blogger contest! LOL! To offset all the eating the person will be doing!

      1. shilo

        After one year working for Tourism Richmond’s blog, the blogger can apply for those weight loss reality shows on TV. It’s perfect job hopping.

  2. Sammie

    Do try the buttermilk tea scone there!! It’s really great!

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