A&W 3 For $3 Promotion

Ben is back in Malaysia to attend some family issues and works from there for a month. When Ben is not around, I must say that I do not eat well. The boys dictate what to eat most of the time.


The boys always ask for burgers. Nanzaro lately has a new fondness for A&W.  We found an A&W coupon on Friday’s Richmond Review of 3 for $3.


I like the fact that the burger is baby size; just the right size for me.


The baby burger is just a small burger with sauce, nothing else. Fortunately, Nanzaro gave me his tomato since he does not like tomato.


Nanzaro’s teen burger has other fixings like lettuce, onions, tomato and cheese and in a sesame bun, unlike the plain baby burger.


Nanzaro’s combo came with a drink and fries. He was disappointed that his root beer did not come with the chilled mug even though we ate in.


Nanzaro’s meal is free. It was a gift certificate from the Richmond Review for being a carrier. He got this last Christmas but only use it now.

For the 3 for $3 promotion, I ordered two apple pies to go with the baby burger. I only ate one of it and reserve the other for Arkensen. Arkensen did not come along and ask us to bring  something back for him.


I noticed that the apple pie in A&W is much crunchier than those from McDonalds. On closer inspection of the apple pie, it is coated with cinnamon sugar where the crunch comes from.


We also noticed there are new products in A&W. They are buddy burger. It is burger with caramelized onion. I would like to try the little buddy next time.

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  1. holly

    I recently tried the Grandma burger, hate the name but like the burger. It is a prime rib burger with horseradish and carmelized onions. It was quite tasty.

    I also like my root beer in those chilled mugs, but you don’t get one when you order take out.

  2. etranger

    McDonald’s pies are baked now, which is why they are less crunchy. They used to be fried, too, but they changed to be healthier.

  3. LotusRapper

    I prefer the Baby Burger too, as I find even the Mama Burger too big for my appetite (of course I do have to have the onion rings on the side).

    Have you tried their new line of Buddy Burgers ? I haven’t, but they look like good alternatives to the Baby Burgers:


  4. LotusRapper

    ^ Oooops, I didn’t see your last picture, and comments, of the new Buddy Burgers !!

  5. iluv2fish

    I like their prime rib burger as well. Sinfully good but a bit high on the sodium content. We usually get just the prime rib burgers from A&W and then stop off at five guys to get their fries.

    1. LotusRapper

      Where do you stop for milkshake/drinks ? 😉

  6. iluv2fish

    No milkshakes for me! Would put me over in my calorie count! Drinks at home.

    I just find the prime rib burger to be the juiciest around.

    The fries at five guys aren’t too bad. for 3.99, they practically fill up a whole paper bag!

  7. iluv2fish

    Actually my in-laws live nearby. Hmm, if we don’t like what they are cooking, I might give it a try! Thanks for the tip.

    1. LotusRapper

      ^ LOL !!

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