Saint Germain Bakery in Aberdeen Mall, Richmond

March is the start of birthday celebration in my family. Four consecutive months, someone in the family will celebrate his/her birthday.


For the March birthday, we decided to get a cake from Saint Germain Bakery in Aberdeen Mall since we had lunch earlier at Ninkazu Japanese Restaurant in the small strip mall across Aberdeen Mall. Parking at the small strip mall is always impossible as it is where Lido, Excellent Tofu and Snacks and Cafe de Waruku is located. We actually had to park in Aberdeen Mall and walked over to have lunch before we return to the mall to get the cake.


Saint Germain Bakery has a good selection of cakes from cheesecake, tiramisu, fruit cake, mouse cake, etc. You can buy a whole cake or buy in slices.


The birthday person picked a Chestnut Cake after a long look at the choices. A 6″ cake costs … $22. We bought the smaller cake because there is only 3 persons at home as Ben is out of the country. Moreover, one the kid said he does’nt like this cake and wont eat it. Well, it’s the birthday person’s choice.


The cake is decorated with glazed strawberries and toasted almonds. It is heavy despite it’s size.


I like the cake as it’s not too heavy on icing. The chestnut cream is not overly sweet and has a nutty flavour to it.


Besides cakes, Saint Germain Bakery has lots of buns and breads selection. At the end of the business day, Saint Germain Bakery offers 20% discount on selected items.

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  1. Chubbypanda

    I miss Vancouver. Cat is up there right now, but I couldn’t get away from the office. 🙁

  2. it's me

    They have very good Napoleon. But I never buy toasts there because it’s expensive. I go to Yaohan (Osaka supermarket) to get my bread.

  3. agnes

    I always order cakes from here:)
    It’s always nice and fresh, and the sponge layer of the cake is real soft. Perfect for people who don’t really have a sweet tooth cause their cakes are really light and not overly sweet!
    -fresh fruit cake

  4. Teresa

    Agree..I love getting cakes from Saint Germain..I like their fruit mousse cakes too

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