Shang Noodle House on Saba Road, Richmond

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

Lorna, Marian, Emily and I met up for lunch at Shang Noodle House on Saba Road.


Shang Noodle House is a relatively new addition to the restaurant scene in Richmond. It had opened since last December.


Parking is a problem here. There is only one hour parking as the sign above indicates. We were kind of force to leave after the parking limit was up. It’s not a place for hang out unless you dont drive.


The restaurant is new and relatively bright.


Although it’s already more than 3 months since opening, the above offer is still on going.


We ordered two noodles to share. So, we got two free drinks, one coffee and one tea.


The first noodle is their signature Assorted Mushroom with House Ramen in Japanese Mushroom Soup. It is $8.88.


The house ramen is a wheat noodle as the server told us. It has a firm texture and I personally quite like it.


We love the assortment of mushrooms in this noodle. The soup has …a pleasant, subtle (“ching”) flavour.


The second noodle is a Malaysian style Ramen in Spicy Laksa Soup, also $8.88. It was on the chef recommendation list.


The Laksa has chicken, prawns, squid, half a marinated egg, mushroom and vegetables. For me, the broth is not rich and spicy enough. The noodle in the laksa is a bit too soft. I would prefer a more firmer texture.


We ordered a number of side dishes to share. Above is the steamed Shanghai Pork Dumpling. It comes in 4 pieces and costs $4.28. The dumplings came piping hot. It is moist and flavourful, though not as juicy as those soup dumpling.


The Pan Fried Pork and Veggie Dumpling also comes in 4 pieces and costs $4.28. It is fried to golden brown with a crisp on the skin. It has lots of flavourful filings.


Slider of Sliced Braised Beef Shank with Pan Fried Onion comes in 2 pieces for $3.28. The bun is again fried to crispy on the outside. Well, fried food always tastes better.


Another deep fried item; Deep Fried Eggplant with Chopped Garlic. This is also $4.28. Crispy on outside and tender inside. It is slightly spicy and the best is those fried garlic.


Yet another fried food; Vegetarian Spring Roll. Two pieces for $3.28. This is unexpectedly good as it is stuffed with mushrooms.

We love the food here and the service is good. The only problem is the parking.

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7 days a week
11:00AM to 10:30PM

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  1. LotusRapper

    You had me at “fried” 😀

    But I find it interesting they’d have laksa along with XLB, potstickers, etc. Do you get a sense of what their overall “theme” is ? Or is it a bit of everything ?

    1. Suanne

      Yeah, I figured that it’s a bit of everything, HK style drink, Japanese/Chinese ramen, Southeast Asian laksa, Shanghainese XLB, western slider, etc.

  2. Liza

    Been to the one at Starlight and the food is pretty good with decent prices. The noodle is huge and its really for two especially if you order other things. Its nice they have some dim sum items available too!

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