Maxim Bakery in Richmond Centre

Nanzaro and I went to The Bay to buy an advance birthday gift for him. He wanted the 2012 Canadian Team Jacket which is on sale now. He is passionate about the Olympic game after his participation in the closing ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympic in Vancouver.


After buying the jacket, we stopped by Maxim’s Bakery which located near the entrance to The Bay inside the mall. Maxim’s Bakery is a quite popular bakery as I always have to line up to pay.


I bought a box of 6 items. The reason for 6 is that you’ll be exempted from tax. The server asked me if I wanted a box or a plastic bag for the packaging. Obviously, I wanted a box so that my egg tarts will not be squished.


I found some White Egg Tarts on promotion. They were $1.80 for 3. For those who are watching their cholesterol, white egg tart will be a healthier treat.


I bought a Ham and Cheese Bun which resembled some of the buns I had in Beijing. It is $1 each. I love the sweetish custardy topping.


I also bought two Chestnut Paste Butterfly Shape Buns, one for me and one for Arkensen. We had a chestnut birthday cake a couple months ago and Arkensen seemed to enjoy it. I like the nutty sweet filing and the crunchy almond topping. They are 80 cents each.


Maxim’s Bakery has several locations. You can click on the photo above to have a larger view.

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  1. oscar

    how would one make egg white tarts? other than the obvious, any recipes?

  2. Willow

    Looks yummy! I love how the box says “Chinatown Stroe”. Haha 🙂

  3. Huey Ng

    Suanne, after reading this post, I forgot to tell you about this pastry shop downtown called FOOTO Delights (Fresh Out Of The Oven) which makes glorious croissant, tried their chocolate, almond, apple cinnamon, cheese, plain……ALL good!

    1. Suanne

      Hi Huey Ng, thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Melissa

    Have you been to New Town bakery? It’s in the same complex as the Staples across from Richmond Center. It looks like a hole in the wall but their goods are way better than Maxim’s!

    1. Suanne

      Yes, New Town Bakery is one of our favourite bakery. We also like the Pancit Beehoon there.

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