Man In Motion Rick Hansen’s Relay at McDonald’s Restaurant on Steveston Hwy, Richmond

This is the 25th years anniversary celebration of Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion relay to continue to fund the research for a cure for the spinal cord injury.


McDonald’s is a sponsor of the Man In Motion Rick Hansen’s Relay and hence the McDonald’s Restaurant on Steveston Hwy was a pit stop for the relay. Nanzaro wanted to be part of this epic journey of 7,000 runner, 12,000 kilometer event through more than 700 communities.


Emily and Audrey from Lord Byng Elementary school are the chosen candidates for this relay as both the sisters had raised more than $30K for the Rick Hansen Foundation. Emily is a brave girl who chose to make a difference despite her adversary.


The above is arrival of the Ramesh Ferris who will be passing the relay medal to Emily.


The arrival of Rick Hansen.


Welcome speech from the McDonald’s spokesperson.


World figure skating champion Patrick Chan joined the relay at the McDonald’s Restaurant.


A big thank you to the volunteers.


Rick Hansen’s speech.


Photo ops.


The transfer of the relay medal.


Nanzaro took a video of the transfer of medal ceremony with his iPhone.


After the ceremony, Nanzaro had the opportunity to greet Rick Hansen.


And had our picture taken with Rick Hansen.


My second star struck with Patrick Chan. He is such a friendly chap. My first encounter with him was at the Dynasty Seafood Restaurant.


After all the excitement, Nanzaro obviously wanted to have lunch at McDonald’s. He had a Junior Chicken McDouble Sandwich. This is his creation. He descontructed a McDouble and a Jr Chicken Sandwich and rebuilt them into one sandwich.


This is cheaper than having a Big Mac.

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