Sweet Spot Bakery in Steveston Village, Richmond

After a long break, Polly and I managed to get together on a Saturday morning. Polly works six day week now and we do not get to meet on a week day anymore. While Ben was away, we decided to meet up on Saturday morning as Polly only starts work in the afternoon.


We went to Sweet Spot Bakery in Steveston Village for it’s proximity as we had limited time only. This bakery has been on our radar for a while but we are not able to visit it as it is closed on Monday and Tuesday. We used to meet on Mondays.


Sweet Spot Bakery carries items like cake, pastry, quiche and cookies.


Sweet Spot Bakery has a freezer section which carries the above items.


There are only 4 high chair seatings that over look the street in this little bakery. We can see Damien Belgian’s Waffles across the street mall. Coffee is self service.


We had two macaroons to share. They are $1.75 each. The server recommended Salty Caramel (on the left) and Banana Cream. They were chewy with a light crunch on the outside. The salty caramel tasted just like Werther’s candy.


When we asked the server what we must have here, she recommended the Cinnamon Raisin Brioche. It is only available on weekends.
The Cinnamon Raisin Brioche is pillowy soft and loaded with raisins.


We ordered a Wild Mushroom Quiche for something savoury. This is $5.75. They heated up the quiche before serving it to us. It is creamy. There were a variety of mushrooms in it.


We also ordered a Fruit Danish to share which was fresh from the oven. This is $2.50.


Lastly, we had a Chocolate, Pecan and Walnuts Flourless Cookie to share. It is moist, chewy and crunchy. This is $2.25.

Polly, thank you for buying this time.

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  1. SteveB

    We discovered the Sweet Spot Bakery a few weeks ago. It’s now a place that we take out of town friends for a special treat.

  2. Mifi

    Love this place. Their banana cream tart is to die for!

  3. Michael

    Oh my! This place looks wonderful. I must’ve passed by it dozens of times – been living in Steveston for nearly 12 years – never once went inside. Will do so now.

    Great post!

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