Breakfast at Old Country Buffet in Bellis Fair, Bellingham

With the new allowance for cross border shopping, the line up at the border crossing is expected to be longer.


It was not as bad as we thought as there were many lanes opened.


We stopped at Old Country Buffet for breakfast before our shopping spree since it was still early and some shops were not opened yet. The above was Ben’s first helping which was protein laden.

I can’t recall what was the exact price for the buffet breakfast; it’s less than USD6 and USD2 for drinks. If you do not want the drink option, they will give you a glass for water.


My first plate was a balance of protein and carbo.


Nanzaro’s choice was strictly protein. Oh! wait, there was some rice underneath the omelette.


Ben liked the mushroom rice and egg so much that he had second helping of them.


My second plate was more carbo than protein. I like bread, pastry and sweets.


Nanzaro enjoyed his omelette from the omelette station so much that he went for a second helping of that.


I had some orange juice and French Vanilla Coffee for my drinks. Ben and Nanzaro always had the chocolate milk here.


My last helping of fruits and some granola.


Ben had some salsa with chips for snacking from the Mexican station.


I also shared some noodle soup with him. The soup bowl with a handle is a safe idea as you will not burn yourself if you spill the soup accidentally while transporting it to your table.


Nanzaro ended his meal with ice-cream.

Old Country Buffet is value for money for a western breakfast.

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Monday to Thursday: 11:00AM to 9:00PM
Friday: 11:00AM to 9:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00AM to 9:00PM

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  1. etranger

    I would call that a brunch with all the soup, salad, chips and ice cream!

    Anyway, what is the new cross border allowance? How will it affect border traffic — sounds like more people will be coming over to shop?

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