KFC Tuesday Deal and 7 Eleven 99cents Big Gulp Summer Deal

When Ben is away, my boys will ask for KFC toonie deal on Tuesday occasionally. More so, in summer.


The Richlea Square KFC looks nicer now as the strip mall had a face lift not long ago. I noticed that KFC here is mostly for take out only unlike those in Asia where you can dine in.


KFC is well known for its Toonie deal on Tuesday. Anyone remembered when was the Toonie deal started? Well, now the Toonie deal had gone up to $2.99 from the original $2 deal. KFC called it the Tuesday Special now as Toonie deal does not fit anymore.


This time round, there is something new in KFC that I love to try. KFC now serves yam fries which I love.


I upgraded my Tuesday Special to yam fries for an extra charge of 59cents. My yam fries were freshly fried. They were crispy on the outside and sweet. I will always trade French fries with yam fries.


We always had the spicy version of the chicken. They are more crispy on the outside.


For the three of us, I always order one extra piece for $1.20 as my boys wanted 3 pieces of chicken. I will give one of my piece to one of them. KFC accepts credit card.


Nanzaro wanted a soft drink to go with his KFC meal. So, we stopped by 7-Eleven to get a Big Gulp for 99cents.


The Big Gulp deal is like a retaliation to McDonalds $1 any size soft drink deal.

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  1. Chris

    Certainly a good way to avoid veggies!! LOL
    My husb had a “Double Down” from KFC one day when I was at work. My son squealed on him! Told my son to make sure we have 9-1-1 on speed dial for the impending heart attack!!

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