Xian Day 2: Lunch and Snack in Muslim Quarter

Since we were already in the Muslim Quarter, we decided to have lunch here.


We tried another restaurant which serves the popular Lamb Pao Mo or Crumbled Unleavened Bread in Lamb Stew.


This place is more of a hands on place which we like.


We were to break the bread into small pieces.


After we broke the bread, we brought the bowl to the kitchen and the chef cooked the bread with lamb and vegetable in a lamb broth. This was RMB45 (about CAD7.50).


After lunch, we strolled the streets for some snacks.


The chili is not really spicy but has a crispy texture. We just cant stop eating them once we start.


We also tried some pan fried persimmon cake. Soft and mildly sweet but a bit greasy.

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  1. OO

    I had those dry bread and lamb soup too but the taste is only OK, I believe people are more concern on fill up stomach and long presevation in ancient time. Those bread will last months without going bad, great for travelling though.

  2. James

    I had very good yangrou Pao Ma in Muslim Xian, that did not look the same as yours (no noodles). I broke up the bread to pieces and took it to the kitchen only was told to broken down to small pieces and showed some example. After the cook took it he stir fried the lamb and some spices and vegy to a big flambé then he put the bread crumbs and pouring soup base. it was delicious. The place all I can remembered was full of local eating there out side.

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