Xian Day 3: Lunch and Snack

After the visit to Huaqing Hot Springs, we continued our journey to the Terracotta Warriors site.


It was lunch time when we arrived at the Terracotta Warriors site. There are several restaurants right at where the bus dropped us. We came across the above sign which has the most complex Chinese character that I’ve seen. Apparently, it’s called Bian Bian Noodle and it’s very popular here. It must be a night mare for a kid to learn to write that Chinese character which has 57 character strokes.


Without hesitation, we ordered the Bian Bian Noodle to try. It was vinegarish and slightly spicy and there were some vegetables in it.


The only distinctive feature was the wide piece of noodle, almost like half the size of a wonton wrap. Two bowls of noodles cost RMB30 (CAD5).


We stopped for some hot milk tea at KFC/Dicos. Ben ordered some chicken nuggets to snack on.


I had a pudding for dessert.

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