Xian Day 4: More Snacks

Since it’s our last night in Xian, we explored the Muslim Quarter for more snacks.


I really like the pan fried persimmon cake. So, we got more to eat.


We also had a stick of the osmanthus cake. It is mildly sweet and fragrant.


The above stall was busy with customers. It must be good.


The food did not look good when packed but it was really good. It’s sweet glutinous rice topped with dates. The above pack was RMB5 (less than CAD1).


On our way back to the hotel, we came across a stall with a big pot of steaming hot stewed pork feet.


How can Ben missed this. He bought one back to the hotel to enjoy. It was really big and tender.

We enjoyed our trip to the historical Xian and love the street food here. Farewell Xian.

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