Xian Day 4: Dinner

It’s about dinner time when we returned from Huashan. We explored the Muslim Quarter again for food.


We came across the above restaurant with a huge pot of food that looked interesting. We tried to ask what’s in it but the chef told us that the restaurant was closed for private event. Too bad for us.


We explored further and found a noodle shop. We ordered a spicy beef noodle soup to share. We really enjoyed the handmade noodles here.


We also ordered a bowl of wonton soup to share. The soup was pretty tasty.


Dipping sauces for the wonton, spicy with sesame seeds.


The wonton was filled with lamb meat, something we wont find in Vancouver.


We also ordered some xiao long bao to try. They just called them steamed buns. It came steaming hot.


The steamed buns were pretty juicy. Our meal came to RMB28 (less than CAD5). What a deal.

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