Kuala Lumpur Day 1: Lunch and Snacks

We met up with Ben’s aunties, sister and brother for lunch. Ben’s sister brought us to a modern coffee shop.


Ben had nasi lemak with sambal prawns and other fixings like hard boiled egg, cucumber, fried peanuts and anchovies. I stole a few bites from Ben’s plate as I was still stuffed with the breakfast we had.


Ben had a cold plum drink which is great to quench thirst in the hot humid weather.


I just had some garlic toast to snack.


After lunch, we had an Indian snack called “putu mayam”. It’s rice flour made like vermicelli served with grated coconut and palm sugar.


Just grab some of rice noodle with your fingers and grab some of the palm sugar and grated coconut and enjoy this sweet snack. One serving costs RM1.00 (CAD0.35).


At the corner of the street where our hotel is, there is an Indian stall selling “cendol”.


We had a bowl to share. The cendol was more naturally coloured compared to the one I had in Crystal Mall.


The shaved ice is of a coarser texture. The palm sugar make a great difference to this dessert.

3 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur Day 1: Lunch and Snacks

  1. Hi Ben and Suanne
    I have been away from Malaysia for over 6 years.My last visit was in 2006.Thanks for bringing back great memories.I miss Nasi Lemak,Tea tarik…..

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