Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Snacks at Jalan Imbi

After breakfast, we went to a nearby stall to get some pastries.


We bought assorted pastries to try. RM5.50 (less than CAD2) for the above.


The Seremban Siew Bao was fresh from the oven, still hot. Flaky shell and moist savory filings.


The mini kaya puff was very good. In fact, we came back to buy some more later.


It was not durian season at the time we were in Kuala Lumpur. But, there is still durian being sold but it’s more expensive. We found a durian stall in Jalan Imbi.


These luscious creamy custardy goodness is not for everyone. But we love it.


The stall also gave us disposable gloves and some water to cleanse our palate. The small serving above was RM25 (CAD 8.50).


Fresh durian after more than 10 years. Very happy diner.


I had not been on the KL Monorail before. So, we decided to take a ride on it.


The KL Monorail runs from KL Sentra to Titiwangsa, passing through the Bukit Bintang area which is known as Golden Triangle. It is just a short 8.6 km tracks with 11 stations.


We stopped at the Bukit Nanas station near the KL Tower. KL Tower is a communication tower with a revolving restaurant on top.

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