Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari in Richmond

We always have a family meal outside before Ben departs for his next assignment. We were at the Ackryod area and was debating whether to dine at Specialty Chicken & Wonton House or Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari.


Obviously, the boys opted for Tokyo Joe Ramen.


Since I’m not hungry as I had a big portion of the dry hot pot dish at Want Want Hot & Spicy House that afternoon, I decided to share with Ben. He ordered Hell Ramen with spicy minced pork. It is $8.95.


The broth was “thickish” but it was not very spicy. It was a large bowl and was just the right portion for both of us.


Nanzaro and Arkensen ordered two rolls to share as both of them are not very hungry too. The first roll was Temptation Roll for $8.50. It is deep fried spicy tuna roll with Parmesan cheese on the top. It looked like sandwiches when the server delivered it to the table. It was crispy on the outside and the Parmesan cheese gave this sushi a new dimension of flavour.


The above is called Volcano Roll. It is $10.95. It is California roll topped with spicy tuna and massago.


The Volcano Roll was presented with a tealight candle enclosed by daikon sheet. Pretty creative. Arkensen commented that it’s too fancy.


You have to use your hand to eat the Volcano Roll. Arkensen tried to pick it up with chopsticks and it fell apart. The sushi roll is served with a bed of shredded daikon, green onion and some lettuce. Since the boys left all the vegetables behind. I dunk the shredded daikon and green onion into the Hell Ramen’s source to finish them. It was pretty good eating them that way.


Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari accepts credit card.


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