Wo Fung Noodle Express on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Nanzaro and I had lunch at Wo Fung Noodle Express on a long weekend. He insisted to go out for lunch.


Wo Fung Noodle Express is located in the eat street of Richmond, Alexandra Road.


It’s a medium size restaurant with regular tables and high long tables seating. It is operated like the food court style where you order and pay for your food first at the reception counter. This restaurant originates from the Wo Fung Dessert in Aberdeen Foodcourt.


I had a hot milk tea for my drink. It is $1.50.


Nanzaro wanted their famous deep fried chicken wings. Three for $4.25. Almost all the tables had this.


I had a Noodle Combo with four ingredients for $6.50. My choice of noodle is rice noodle. The four ingredients which I picked were pork intestines, pork neck, fried tofu and fresh mushroom. The mushroom has a weird taste to it.


Nanzaro ordered A Noodle Combo with three ingredients for $5.75. The ingredients of his choice were wonton, fried fish cake and cuttle fish ball.


Nanzaro’s choice of noodle is the oil yellow noodle.


There is a small table of condiments for you to help yourself with. We like their homemade XO sauce, full of chunky dried shrimps.

Nanzaro likes this place and he said he will be back. He enjoys the homemade XO sauce a lot.

This is a CASH only place.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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  1. Kirsty

    Wow I didn’t know Wo Fung opened up a new location in Richmond! It’s great to see how they are expanding due to their success at Aberdeen food court!

  2. Reader

    They alexandra rd location is operated by the original owner. They sold their Aberdeen location a few years ago. They re-opened there after a long trip back to HK.

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