Kuala Lumpur Day 5: Lunch at Old Town White Coffee in Berjaya Times Square

I met with a few of my ex-colleagues for lunch in Berjaya Times Square. I was so happy to see them after more than 10 years I left the company.


We had lunch at Old Town White Coffee in the Berjaya Times Square for their convenience.


White coffee is a must which I had.


I had a chicken rice noodle soup to allow my stomach to recuperate. In fact, Ben and I went to a clinic in the morning and was advised to stay away from spicy and deep fried food.


Here were some of the food my colleagues ordered. Curry Chicken Rice.


Supreme Nasi Lemak.


Chicken Chop with Crunchy Bun.


Crunchy Chicken Chop with rice.


Another version of chicken chop. I lost track of what they ordered.


Iced white coffee; one with hazelnut flavour.

I had a great time reuniting with my colleagues. After lunch, I went to their new office for a visit. I met up with more ex-colleagues. I cherished the moment with them and hope I do not have to wait for another 12 years to meet them again.

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  1. etranger

    I guess you didn’t need a doctor to tell you not to eat spicy or deep fried food!

    I loved Nasi Lemak. It looks so good. Those little peanuts are tasty. I tried the white coffee, but it didn’t taste that different to me. I liked the pulled tea better, even though it was SO SWEET!

    What cut of a chicken is a chicken chop? A crosscut thigh?

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