Kuala Lumpur Day 6: Breakfast at KLCC Food Court

This is one of the few posts on site seeing for this trip.


We went to the iconic Petronas twin towers in KLCC which had been the tallest buildings for a moment.


The bridge between the two corn like structures. Ben had been on the skybridge during a previous visit. We did not go up this time.


The accessible part of the Petronas twin towers to the public is the shopping mall.


A view at the entrance.


A view of the ceiling from inside the mall.


We went to the food court for breakfast. The roti canai was flaky with lightly charred surface.


Ben had roti canai with kari (curry). Ben always has roti canai with curry and not dal. Dal is made with lentils or peas or beans which he does not like.


Teh tarik (pulled tea) to go with roti canai. The combo was RM2.70 (CAD0.90).


I had mango cheesecake for breakfast. This was RM7.50 (CAD2.50).

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  1. Sedap Makan

    The roti looks perfect. The jup looks a little thin but has a nice color.

  2. Jean

    Roti looks deliciously delicate and hot. So is that building an office building? I can’t explain it but the shopping mall, no matter how nice, at ground level..seems so well ordinary use of space for an interesting looking building.

  3. Noreen Tallant

    This is the most popular building in Kuala Lumpur and besides the beautiful architecture, there is another reason why people should go here. The food looks fantastic and I am sure it’s delicious as well. I can’t wait to go here to visit and taste the food.

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