Kuala Lumpur Day 8: Food Sampling in Petaling Street

Ben and I decided to visit Petaling Street for some sightseeing on this day. Petaling Street is Kuala Lumpur’s chinatown.


Petaling Street is infamous for pirated goods like watches, handbags, DVDs, etc. It is a very popular tourist attraction.


However, the scene of this used to be chinatown is changing. It is now populated with foreign workers.


This is a popular stall in Petaling Street selling a sweet dessert drink.


This is the famous “Loh Han Guo” (dried Buddha fruit) drink. It was RM1.50 (CAD0.50).


We had some food sampling in Petaling Street. We snacked on some popiah; a wrap of paper-thin crepe filled with stir-fried grated vegetables like turnip, jicama, lettuce, carrot, tofu, etc. The above serving was RM4.00 (CAD1.35).


We then had lunch in a Mamak restaurant. I had biryani rice with grilled spicy ikan kembong (mackerel).


Ben had a lamb curry. Our lunch was RM10 (CAD3.35).


We also bought some goodies for snacking and bring home. The above is for snacking as we cant bring meat product home. It’s our favourite dried meat (bak kwa).

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