Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Snacks at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

After the monorail ride, we took a cab back to the hotel. It was late afternoon, too late for lunch. Anyway, we were not that hungry. So, we explored the shopping mall next to our hotel to look for some snacks. I remembered it was raining heavily at that time.


We ended up at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, a Hong Kong style cafe. We ordered Toast with Prawn Roe Sauce to share. It was RM5.90 (just below CAD2). I like the savory flavour with a hint of pungentness. Too bad, it’s not available in the Hong Kong style cafe in Richmond.


For drinks, I had a Peanut Man for RM6.90 (CAD2.30). It’s a thick peanuty shake.


Ben ordered a Salted Lemon Sour Plum Juice. It was served in a jar. This was RM7.20 (CAD2.40).


The slushy was garnished with a few slices of dried sour plum.


Can you imagine the taste when biting into the dried sour plum.

One thought on “Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Snacks at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

  1. When i travel to Asia i always worry about the water so i never drink beverage with ice in it. I had a very bad experience 10 years ago and ends up going to washroom every 5/10minute. It was a total waste of my holiday at that time.i wish I can try those sour drinks that you have.

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