Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Breakfast at Jalan Imbi

Ben decided to go Jalan Imbi for breakfast. We had breakfast here a lot while we were still working in Kuala Lumpur. We left home early to avoid the traffic jam and had a nice long breakfast in town before Ben dropped me off at Jalan Sultan Ismail and drove to his office.


I had a dry rice noodle where the soup is served on the side. The soup has pork balls and pork liver sausage in it.


The dry rice noodles has fried ground pork in it.


All mixed up and ready to be eaten. This was RM6 (CAD2).


Ben had a Pork Noodle Soup with pork liver and sliced pork. The broth was flavourful. RM6 for this bowl (CAD2).


I had Iced White Coffee while Ben had regular Iced Coffee. Both for RM4.60 (CAD 1.50).

2 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Breakfast at Jalan Imbi

  1. Drool! That’s our favourite coffee shop for pork ball hor fun and the fried mince meat goes very well with it. I really miss it!

  2. Love the pork balls hor fun soup. Wish I could get a whole slap of the pork balls. Wonder whether it is the same famous store along Imbi Road. My wife and I used to frequent the stall when we were back home as well as eating there when we visit K.L. Back then liver wasn’t added to the noodle soup. The store is on the side of a far-end coffee shop, almost at the back. Thanks for sharing.

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