Bhinder’s Indian Cuisine on No. 5 Road; South of Steveston Hwy

Nanzaro and I went to the new Indian restaurant on No. 5 Road, south of Steveston Highway for lunch. This restaurant was opened in Nov 2012.


It is located next to Pho Ten, in Sandhu’s Plaza. We arrived closed to 12PM but it’s not open yet. Nanzaro went to ask the person who was cleaning the window and was told it will open in 10 to 15 minutes. So, we waited but not more than 5 minutes, the Open sign was lighted.


It was not a big restaurant. The chairs are comfortable though.


The menu is simple, just a few combos.


Nanzaro opted for the Butter Chicken combo. All combos come with rice, naan, salad, vegetables and picked mango. Price varies depending on the main of the combo.

The naan looked like store bought version, not home made fresh from a tandoori oven. It’s too uniform.


The butter chicken is not bad, creamy sauce. However, it’s very mild in terms of heat.


The steamed rice was slightly disappointed as we expect basmati rice in an Indian restaurant. They looked more like regular long grain rice.


The side dish of vegetables were very overcooked.


I picked a lamb curry combo which is slightly pricier at $9.78. It was mild too. When we asked the server about the spiciness, she told us to let them know that we like it spicy and they can accommodate the request. She told us that they make everything mild as most people wanted it mild.


It was very nice of her to give us some green chili chutney to spice up our meal. It’s not the exact solution as I cant dump the chutney into my curry as it will change it’s taste.


The lamb chucks in my curry was quite fibrous and tough.


Bhinder’s Indian Cuisine accepts credit card.


Bhinder’s also served individual dishes instead of combo. There is a 15% discount during happy hours (2:30pm to 5:30pm).

It’s a convenient alternative for us if we do not want to travel all the way to Tandoori Kona at the north end of No.5 Road.

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