Atlanta Day 2: Watch a Baseball Game at Turner Field

Ben decided to watch a baseball game at the Turner Field. It is something he wanted to do for a long time.


There are many parking lots near the stadium. The nearer to the stadium, the more expensive the parking fee. I remembered our parking fee was USD10. We saw some nearer parking lot fee was listed as USD15. There were some tailgating parties taking place in the parking lots.


Turner Field is the home of the Braves. We caught the last game of the season between Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals.


Surprisingly, there were not too many people yet queuing for tickets. We just bought nose bleed seats tickets (USD12). We were there to experience the atmosphere and not really to watch the game.


View of the field. You can see from the crowds that it’s a family entertainment. Beside the game, there are also 50/50 raffles tickets draw, live band performance before the game start, etc.


There are two huge video boards which keep the fan entertained and informed. Before the game starts, the camera will randomly zoom in to a fan with a score of time to see how long that particular fan realizes he/she is on the screen. Sometimes, it takes a few minutes before one realizes it. It’s quite amusing watching it.


We had typical game food for dinner; hotdog.


The hotdog combo came with a soft drink and a pretzel for USD5. The pretzel was chewy and salty. We left them after a bite.


We left the game after the first round. There are 9 rounds altogether. When we left, there were still people coming in. The day was still young for the game.

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  1. Bravesfan604

    You left after one inning (not round)?!?!! That is very insulting to the Atlanta Braves, the players, and the great state of Georgia!!!!!!

  2. etranger

    I’m no sports fan, but I’d say the same thing. Have to stay until after the seventh inning stretch, at least!

    Come down to Seattle sometime – the food is better, too! You can smell the garlic fries (known as Rally Fries) outside the stadium on game day . If you come on a special day, you might get a commemorative bobblehead, towel or cap, and sometimes fireworks. The farm team Everett Aquasox have even more fun stuff going on.

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