Baker One Cafe in Aberdeen Center, Richmond

Updated: 21 Sep 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Nanzaro wanted to get something from Daiso in Aberdeen Center. Since we were already in the mall, we decided to have lunch there too.


We noticed that Aoyama Cafe located at the entrance had changed hand. It is now called Baker One Cafe.


Baker One Cafe is still at it’s soft opening.


There is not much of change in the decor.


Baker One Cafe serves the similar Japanese Fusion cuisine as Aoyama Cafe. The menu is small, just a few pasta/flat bread and rice dishes; few appetizers; coffee/tea and desserts.

Nanzaro opted for Unagi Rice for $13. Pretty pricey in my opinion.


Of course, I got the salad which Nanzaro generously gave it to me.


I had a Chili Sauce Seafood Pasta for $12.


The seafood include 3 large pieces of scallops; 5 pieces of large prawns, 1 mussel and a few squid rings. The prawns were springy good. However, the squid was a bit tough.


Baker One Cafe accepts credit card.

While we were having our lunch, Nanzaro noticed a girl; about 5 or 6 years old sitting alone next to the statue in the foyer. Apparently, she was waiting for her mother who came in few minutes later. Nanzaro raised the question what kind of parent who will leave a kid alone in the shopping mall. From his concern, I know that he will grow up to be a responsible parent.

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