Ipputan Ramen Noodle House at Parker Place, Richmond

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. Arkensen wanted to stay home to catch his favourite Dr. Who show.  So, I went out  with Nanzaro and promised Arkensen to bring home his favourite roast pork from Parker Place.


Since it was a cold and wet day, we decided to check out the new Ipputan Ramen Noodle House which took over Ajisen Ramen. My last experience with Ajisen was not a good one as the noodle I got was like spaghetti.


We were told that there is a 12% discount until the end of April for the grand opening.


I had the Pork Ramen for $8.99. The sweet pepper is not conventional with Japanese ramen.


I was surprised to see the pork slices which resembled bacon. They were thinly sliced and kind of a little charred. Not the typical Japanese char siu which comes in slices of round.


The Japanese noodle which I asked for was not what I expected. I was expecting a more yellowish and curly Japanese ramen like the one below.


It was a disappointment as far as the noodle goes.


We ordered a Japanese Deep Fried Chicken for appetizer. It is $5.50.


The Japanese Deep Fried Chicken was coated with batter but they were not crispy. The meat was tender though.


Nanzaro ordered the Ipputan Seafood Fried Rice for $9.99. It came with a miso soup. The rice was relatively wet. The seafood include prawns, scallop and clams but not a lot.


Ipputan accepts credit cards.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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