Mother’s Day Lunch at Shiang Garden, Richmond

During the day trip to Lonsdale Quay and lunch at China town, I was invited to join the SUCCESS Women’s Club mother’s day lunch. The ticket was $25 for non-member.


The Mother’s Day Lunch was held at Shiang Garden in Richmond.


The Mother’s Day Lunch took place in a private room. It was a great turnout of five tables.


The table with lucky draw prizes.


The table gift of a pot of geranium for each guest.


Sauces. The XO sauce was the favourite and we got two more refills.


The first course for a multi-course Chinese dinner is often a soup. For this lunch, we had the Fish Maw Soup.


While most people added vinegar to the soup, I had mine with XO sauce, yum!.


The second course was the Peking duck. The duck was carved in the dining area. The first serving of the Peking duck dish was the duck skin over a bed of prawn crackers.


The duck skin was served with pancakes and usually flavoured with hoisin sauce and garnished with green onion stem.


The third course was Braised Baby Bok Choy with Fresh Bean Curd Skin.


The fourth dish was a Steamed Chicken with Baby Chinese Mustard Green. The chicken was very tender. Not everyone at my table is a fan of the Chinese Mustard Green because of it’s slight bitterness.


The fifth dish was the Sweet and Sour Pork. The pork was crispy.


The sixth dish was Steamed Egg Plant with Garlic.


I learned from the conversion at the table that when buying egg plant, choose those long and slim one which has less seeds and pick one that is not too firm or else it will take a long time to cook them to a soft texture. Great tips from the experienced mothers.


The seventh dish was Fried Rice with Olives leaves, long beans and pork. The Olives leaves was the star in this fried rice.


The eight dish was the second part of the Peking Duck dish. The duck meat was chopped and fried with other chopped vegetables.


The chopped duck meat is to be served on a lettuce.


The ninth dish was dessert. Two types of jello were served; golden Osmanthus and another milky jello.


The last dish was a dessert soup.


The almond milk was just right, not overly sweet.

I had a great time with the games and lucky draw.

Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant 敘香園海鮮酒樓 on Urbanspoon

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    Wow, that looks like a fine lunch and for $25 a bargain too – actually an absolute steal by Swiss standards.

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