Man Ri Sung Lunch Specials

Updated: 20 Sep 2014: This restaurant is closed.

I was watching a recorded Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown show broadcasted on CNN channels earlier. It was an episode on Korea town in Los Angeles. That show made me yearning for Korean food.


So, Nanzaro and I went to Man Ri Sung in Richmond to have a Korean food fix. Arkensen did not come along because he was having a BBQ with his friends since it was a summer like spring day.


I had the lunch special Potato & Pork Rib Soup. There were soy bean sprouts in my soup beside potatoes. The soup was a little spicy.

The lunch specials are $7.95.


You can click on the menu to have a look at the lunch special options.


I got all the banchans since Nanzaro shied away from them.


Steamed rice served in metal bowl. The rice was on the soggy side.


Nanzaro had the Ox Bone Soup from the lunch special. It came with chunks of boneless fatty meat.


There were a lot of potato noodles in it despite this is served with a bowl of steamed rice too.


Man Ri Sung accepts credit cards.

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  1. LeBam

    Our family went to this restaurant on Sunday and we ordered the Peking Duck and Hot Pot. There was a lot of food but they changed the price to $93 (instead of $89.95) and there was only ONE not two ducks. I guess they must have changed due to the overwhelming publicity they got from Chowtimes?

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