Mother’s Day Dinner Celebration at Continental Seafood Restaurant on Cambie Road, Richmond

Lorna invited me to another Mother’s Day Celebration dinner. This time, it’s organized by a church and it also to celebrate the launch of a radio program on AM1470.


The function was held at Continental Seafood Restaurant for 30 tables of guests. What a great turnout.


Sauces to go with the various dishes.


The first course was a cold cut appetizers comprised of BBQ pork, another version of cold cut meat; deep fried pork ribs and BBQ duck. In the center was jelly fish.


The second dish was Deep Fried Prawns Wrapped in Bean Curd Skin. They were crispy and go well with a sweet chili sauce.


The third dish was a Medley Stir Fry of prawns, mushrooms, beef, sweet peppers and sweet peas.


The fourth dish was Fish Maw Soup.


This time, I had my soup with a drop of vinegar.


The fifth dish was Prawns with Broccoli. The prawns were big.


The sixth dish was a Baby Bok Choy dish. This was the simplest dish I ever had in a Chinese restaurant.


The seventh dish was Steamed Whole Fish; served with soy sauce and lots of green onions. The server carved the meat from the bone at the table.


The next dish was Crispy Chicken with Prawn Chips. The skin was very crispy. This was the only dish with leftovers which was packed to go.


The ninth dish was Fried Rice with Chicken and Pineapple. This was on the soggy side. I was surprised that it was swept clean.


The last dish was Red Bean Dessert Soup.

It was a fun night with some dance performances, singing, games and lucky draws.

Lorna, thank you again for inviting me to the dinner.


You can click on the above menu to have a larger view.

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  1. parvin

    Can you tell me how many table on that night and how much is it per table? Thanks and GOD blessings!!

    1. Suanne

      I do not know the price per table but the ticket was $35 per person. I heard there were about 30 tables attended that night.

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