Belated Birthday and Farewell Dinner for Ben

We celebrated Ben’s birthday the next day on his way to the airport for his business trip as he was too busy and tired to go out on a weekday.


He picked Bushuair Restaurant as he loves Sichuan Food. Arkensen commented on the menu which is so big that it occupies almost half of the table when flips open. We like menu with photos as you get visual of the dishes before you order them.


I find the teapot spout is interesting.


Ben ordered four dishes to go with steamed rice. The first item was a Lamb/Mutton Stew. The boys did not quite like it because the lamb was very boney.


Next was a Village Pork Belly. It is served on a bed of shredded preserved vegetables. The pork belly was very tender and fatty. I like the preserved vegetables on my steamed rice.


For vegetable, we had a “Big Plate Cauliflower”. This is a big serving as the name suggests. It is panfried with some thinly sliced pork belly. This dish is very good.


The last dish to arrive was the “Saliva Chicken”, i.e. Chicken in Spicy Sauce. Surprisingly, this is supposed to be an appetizer as it is served cold but it came last. The sauce is really spicy as Ben likes it but not to Arkensen as he cannot take food that is too spicy.


Service is a bit slow here.

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