Top Chiu Chow Cuisine on Capstan Way, Richmond, revisit

I invited Lorna to join Polly and me for our ladies meet. We intended to have lunch at Shanghai Morning Restaurant but it was closed on Wednesday. This is the third time for Lorna and me to go to a restaurant that is closed.


So, Polly suggested to revisit Top Chiu Chow Cuisine for a dim sum lunch. Some light appetizers were brought to the table immediately after we sat down.


There were 3 dim sum items on special. We ordered all of them since we did not have them the last time we were here.


A bird’s eye view of our food.


The first item to arrive was the cold chicken feet. They have a crunchy texture.


Next was braised chicken wing in bean sauce. The sauce will be great on steamed rice but unfortunately we did not order any.


The last dim sum on promotion was tiger prawns fried in olives leaves. The tiger prawns were big and the olives leaves impart a good flavour. They are slightly on the oily side; perhaps from the olives leaves which are usually preserved in oil.


We also ordered a Fried Rice with Olives Leaves for filler. We saw the fried rice on another table and it looked appetizing. It did not disappoint.


Almost at the end of the meal, Polly saw the above dish brought to a neighbouring table. She loves eggplants but her kids do not like it, hence she seldom cooks it at home. When she sees it in the restaurant, she loves to have it. The shrimp filling was fried to crispy.


The meal came to just above $10 per person.

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