Farewell Dinner on the Eve of Kam Do’s Closing for Renovation

When Ben told me that Kam Do Restaurant & Bakery was closing, I was shocked. How could a restaurant that is so busy be closing. Apparently, it is just closing for renovation. Whew!


So, we decided to have Ben’s farewell dinner at Kam Do on the eve of it’s closing before Ben headed to YVR for his flight back to Beijing.


The server told us that Kam Do will reopen before Christmas.


The paintings on the left photo were the artwork of Lorna’s (my community kitchen buddy) late husband. I wonder what will happen to them.


I wonder if Kam Do will change their menu after the renovation. Arkensen commented that why change something that is working.


All the man in my family had ice milk tea. Actually, Nanzaro wanted Coke at first but they ran out of it on it’s last day of business.


Arkensen ordered the Doll Noodle with Satay Beef. Unfortunately, Kam Do also ran out of doll noodle. So, we substituted it with “Yee Mee”.


Arkensen’s Big Bowl Combo also came with a side dish which he shared with me. I opted for the Fried Chicken Wings and Eggs.


Ben ordered from the Chinese dish section. He had Mah Poh Tofu. It did not look like typical Mah Poh Tofu. This came with beef and preserved vegetable (“jar choy”). It is spicy though. It came with a bowl of steam rice.


Nanzaro ordered the Fried Sticky Rice with Chinese sausage and shiitake mushroom. It was a big serving. He had some leftover packed to go.


Ben and Nanzaro’s order also came with soup. They opted for the Chinese preserved vegetable (“choy gorn”) soup.


This will be a memorable meal. I’m eager to see the new Kam Do.

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  1. Eric

    “Before Christmas”?? That’s one long renovation!

  2. LeBam

    We were in Richmond today and were shocked to see our favourite cafe closed. The restaurant is not closed for renovation but has been replaced by Old Buddies Seafood Restaurant. So sad…

  3. Joey

    This is my favorite restaurant in Richmond and I’m super sad to see that it’s closed. So is it really closed forever or are they renovating or perhaps opening another one at a different location?? They’ve also been busy and had goodness so it’s a shock to hear that they closed. If anyone knows, please share the news!! I will really miss this place if it really is gone forever…:(

  4. G Hamar

    Just got off the phone – there is a new location on No. 3 Road near Richmond Centre. However, it is now just a bakery – the restaurant is no more….bummer. But they do have the best char sui buns anywhere in the Lower Mainland. They usually sell out before noon, so get there before they are all gone!
    Sad to see such an icon gone. We’ve been going there since 2000. Time to move on….

    1. Bun Bun

      They are really gone. They are building a new restaurant on 3 road next to parker place. It where burger king use to be. They will be back in 2015.

      1. chowtimes

        Hurray! Arkensen will love this news.

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