Random Eats in Beijing – Grilled Fish Restaurant

Ben and I wanted to go to eat at the newly opened Grandma Restaurant in APM. However, the wait was one hour long. We decided not to wait as our number was 68 and they just call for number 38.


We ended up eating at a Grilled Fish Restaurant in the same mall. The server told us that we can order half serving and we did for 2 different items. We were surprised when they brought us two pot instead of mix items in one pot.


The above is Xiang La Bull Frog pot. The bull frog tasted like tender chicken.


The extras in the pot included wood ear, lotus root, potatoes and broad noodles.


The second pot was Mala Chicken Wing. The chicken wing was deep fried.


We had sour plum juice to go with our food. It’s a popular drink in such restaurant.


Complimentary sun flower seeds for us to snack on while waiting for our dish.

The bill came to RMB167 (CAD28).

We walked past the Grandma Restaurant after our lunch and it had not reached our number yet; it was at number 63 only. We will be back some other time.

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