Random Eats in Beijing – Field Yonghe

We had a light dinner at the Gourmet Street in Oriental Plaza after the heavy lunch at the Grilled Fish Restaurant.


We ate at Yonghe Field; a Chinese fast food place. The above was Pork Rib on Rice. The sauce was great with the steamed rice. The pork rib was not very tender though.


A side dish of sea weed came with the Pork Rib rice.


We also had a bowl of Beef Brisket Vermicelli Soup.


The warm soy milk came in a bowl instead of a cup. The meal came to RMB48 (CAD8).


After dinner, we took a walk at Wangfujing Snack Street.


Wangfujing is always buzzing with tourists and locals.

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  1. 3rensho

    Is “seed weed” some type of sea weed or something else entirely? It looks thicker than the edible sea weeds I’m familiar with.

    1. Suanne

      Oops, thanks for correcting my typo.

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