Random Eats in Beijing – Field Yonghe

We had a light dinner at the Gourmet Street in Oriental Plaza after the heavy lunch at the Grilled Fish Restaurant.


We ate at Yonghe Field; a Chinese fast food place. The above was Pork Rib on Rice. The sauce was great with the steamed rice. The pork rib was not very tender though.


A side dish of sea weed came with the Pork Rib rice.


We also had a bowl of Beef Brisket Vermicelli Soup.


The warm soy milk came in a bowl instead of a cup. The meal came to RMB48 (CAD8).


After dinner, we took a walk at Wangfujing Snack Street.


Wangfujing is always buzzing with tourists and locals.

2 thoughts on “Random Eats in Beijing – Field Yonghe

  1. Is “seed weed” some type of sea weed or something else entirely? It looks thicker than the edible sea weeds I’m familiar with.

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