Ginger Indian Cuisine at Beckman Pl, Richmond

Ginger Indian Cuisine had been on my list of restaurant to visit for a while. When a coupon offer came up on, I just had to get it. It’s a $30 value coupon for the price of $15.


Ginger Indian Cuisine is located in a quiet strip mall on Bridgeport Road between Shell Road and No. 4 Road. This restaurant has opened for five months as I was told by the server.


The restaurant is relatively spacious with clean setting. We do not like restaurant with a cramp setting.


Free papadam with tamarind sauce for snacking while waiting for our main dishes to arrive.


Arkensen wanted Butter Chicken, his favourite Indian dish. He likes the sauce with rice. He does not care so much for the chicken. I wonder if any restaurant will just sell the sauce alone, :-).


We also ordered a Vindaloo Lamb dish. I prefer this over the butter chicken. The gravy is thick and spicy.


For vegetables, we had Aloo Gobhi which is florets of cauliflower and potatoes fried with onion, tomato and spices.


All the main entrees comes with plain naan and basmati rice.


We also ordered a lamb biryani but the server came back telling us that they ran out of lamb. So, we switched to chicken biryani. The biryani was flavourful and not too wet like the one we had at Kona Tandoori.


A bowl of yogurt with shredded carrots and cucumber to cool down the spiciness of all dishes. I had the whole bowl as the rest of the family is not interested in it.


The bill came to $30 after the coupon and tips. It was a satisfying meal.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view. Ginger Indian Cuisine also offers daily lunch special from $8.99 to $9.99. I will be back to try the lunch special.

Ginger Indian Cuisine is a good alternative to Kona Tandoori which is always busy.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    Looks pretty good. How would you rank this restaurant against all other Indian ones you have tried?

  2. jenny

    Tandoori Kona in Richmond, BC sells butter chicken sauce, without the chicken for under $10.00…your son would enjoy it for sure…they do pick up service too.

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