Random Eats in Beijing – Grandma Family Restaurant

On our last day in Beijing, we decided to give the popular Grandma Family Restaurant one more try. This time we went early so that we can get into the first seating.


Customers lining up to get a number.


The waiting place at the entrance of the restaurant. There are usually more people waiting outside the restaurant.


Finally we got a table. The restaurant is big and partition into several sections.


The menu is in the form of a magazine.


We ordered a few items from the appetizer section. The above was a sweetish fried fish. It was crunchy and great for munching.


The second appetizer was Tofu Skin Wrap filled with vegetables.


The last item from the appetizer section was Green Tea Cake. The toasted sesame seeds added crunchiness and fragrance to the cake.


Our main include the above rice crispy served with a sweet and sour tomatoish sauce.


I like that the sauce is served on the side to retain the crispiness of the rice crispy until eaten.


The second main was a simple Steamed Fish.


The last main was Clam with Tofu; unfortunately the stinky tofu kind of spoiled the dish.

All the above came to RMB142 (CAD24). No wonder it’s always full.

This brings an end to my food adventure in Beijing last fall.

One thought on “Random Eats in Beijing – Grandma Family Restaurant

  1. I went to the Grandma’s Restaurant in Hangzhou earlier this year and totally loved it! I remember we ordered a second serve of the green tea cakes….have never tasted anything so yummy! Does anyone have a recipe for that? Have scoured the internet but zip.

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