KL Fall 2012: Pudu Wet Market

After lunch, Ben and I explored the surrounding neighbourhood by foot.


Ben grew up in this neighbourhood, Pudu. He pointed out to me the building above which he stayed during his childhood. He recalled watching the incident of 1969 from his apartment window. Now this neighbourhood is dominated by printing companies.


I bought a piece of fried yam to snack while exploring the neighbourhood.  It was RM1 (CAD0.35). It is filled with “nian gao” (Chinese New Year Cake).


We then ventured to the Pudu Wet Market. There are a lot of vendors selling pet fish here.


And some crippy crawly pet food too.


The wet market is very cramp. Fresh poultry, fish and vegetables are sold here.


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  1. Joseph

    Hi Suanne, the 1969 incident you mentioned, was that the Chinese-Malay racial riots where hundreds of Chinese people were murdered by Malays?

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