Summer Vacation 2007: McDonalds Breakfast in Bellingham

Here it is everyone … our new series of our summer vacation this year. For the next few weeks, we will be blogging about our travel, and food adventures in our journey around Nevada and North California.


We started off very early in the morning. It was 5AM when we started off from Vancouver and headed to the Bellingham, WA International Airport to catch a flight to Las Vegas — our first destination.


There were just six cars ahead of us at the border crossing at Peace Arch. On our last crossing a few weeks ago, it took us 45 minutes to cross the border. This is kind of spooky … immediately after we passed our passports to the immigration officer, he actually knew the name of the hotel that we are staying in and the number of days we have bookings for! The only way he would have know it is that they have access to Expedia’s records … or maybe it was a lucky guess.

I asked how he knew … and he told us that he works for the US government and the US government knows everything. He gave us a wink and sent us our way. What do you think? Was that a lucky guess or he actually have records like that.


We couldn’t think of anywhere else other than the McDonalds nearby the airport that is opened before 6AM. We had decided to skip lunch and then hit the Las Vegas buffet for Lunch-Dinner.

Now, for Breakfast-Lunch you call it Brunch. What do you call Lunch-Dinner? Lunchner? Dunch? Dinch? LOL!


It was just standard fare we had … Suanne and I shared a Big Breakfast … or at least I think it was the Big Breakfast. It consists of some scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage and biscuits. I’ve never knew why they call the patty like thingy a sausage. Shouldn’t sausages be long?


Arkensen and Nazaro had theier McMuffins and McGriddles.


We all prefer the McGriddles more. They are more moist and sweeter.


The boys fav … Hash Browns. Suanne and I gave them our share.


Oh … for the people who expects to read about recipes and all, we won’t be blogging about recipes for the next few weeks. I think we have about 4 weeks worth of blog materials in all to share on our travel.

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  1. Jennifer

    The Peace Arch is beautiful. I’ve been there a few times and took some pictures like a tourist. LOL. Now someday, I’ll get over to the other side and go up to Vancouver.

    Which McDonald’s was that that you went to? The only one nearest the airport I can think of is the one by Bellis Fair mall but it doesn’t look like that one.

  2. Fotoblog

    chow times rocks pics are amazing and out of top draw

  3. Aah..

    To bad.. no recipes.. I always look forward to your recipes..

    I’ll wait patiently while enjoying your holiday pics

  4. LotusRapper

    Hmmm, Ben and Suanne are posting pics of their McD breakfasts ?!? Quick, someone go rescue them, they must have been abducted by aliens and replaced with McD marketing people 😉

  5. Ben

    Hi Jennifer:
    You know, I can’t recall which McD we went to. I just knew that it was on the way to the airport and do think it’s on the same exit we took from I5 to the airport.

    Hi LotusRapper:
    Just you wait … we’ll have a few more fast food postings on this Travel series!

  6. Windy

    I am more and more disapprove on fast food junk. However, I don’t mind to have some if I travel in the US, mainly because it’s where those junk food from… wired thinking. 😛

  7. Chubbypanda

    We Americans are very suspicious about our dangerous neighbors to the North. (^_~)

    Too bad we didn’t communicate. I was actually in San Francisco around the same time you were. I was visiting family with my wife. Cat and I got married two weeks ago. =) We could have had a blogging adventure together.

  8. Elizabeth Van Pelt

    Lunch+Dinner at our house is Linner 😉

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