Penang Fall 2012: Dinner at Northam Beach Hawker Center

A convoy of a few families proceeded to Northam Beach Cafe for dinner.


It’s a hawker center along a beach. Too bad it’s too dark to have a better view of the ocean.


At hawker center, you ordered your food from the hawker stalls located around the common seating area. You paid for your order and the food will be delivered to your table. I wonder if there will be orders lost in the midst with so many tables.


We came across a stall making peanut cake using traditional method. It starts with pulverizing the roasted peanuts with a bottle to pounding the peanuts with sugar with the back of a frying pan.


Ben and I shared a drink called Ampula with plum. It tasted like guava. I was skeptical to share the drink with him since he had a cold but luckily I did not fall ill.


We had a lot of food to share. Some of the photos were over exposed as we had the flash light on since it was very dark at the outdoor hawker place.

The above was grilled fish with some spicy and sour dip with raw onions.


I think the above is called Lo Bak; an assortment of deep fried items; sausage, tofu, etc.


Satay with peanut sauce.


Dry mix wonton noodle with wonton and BBQ pork.

Some of the other food items that we had include prawn noodles, rojak, char koay teow, oyster pancake, etc. There were too much food that we had to pack home leftovers. (I meant our relatives).

We had a great time connecting with our families in Penang and hope we can do it again in future.

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