Uncle Lu at Continental Plaza, Richmond

Ben and I had a long walk at the Sea Island Trail in a gorgeous winter morning.


After the walk, we went back to the Taiwanese restaurant which we were unable to get a parking spot for another try. Seriously, we failed to get a parking spot again.


So, this time our plan B was to check out Continental Plaza for an alternative. We found Uncle Lu which was just open on Boxing Day as we were told. Brand new and full house.


The signage advertises their signature pork hock dish which was popularized since 1948.


The restaurant was full when we arrived. We waited for about 10 to 15 minutes to get a table. Seating was tight here.


Ben ordered their signature Pork Hock dish with noodle combo for $8.50.


The pork hock was skin on and relatively fatty.


The pork hock came with a lightly spicy garlicky sauce.


There is a choice of vermicelli or noodle for the combo. Ben opted for the noodle which turned out to be thin yellow noodle. It is just a simple and small portion of noodle in broth without much flavour. We ended up eating the noodle with the garlic sauce.


I ordered a Taiwanese Fried Vermicelli; also for $8.50. It tasted good but the proportion of cabbage and noodle seemed not right as there were as much of cabbage as the vermicelli or more. I wish there is more vermicelli and it does not cost much to add more vermicelli.


It looks like Uncle Lu is affiliated with Corner 23 as their napkins bear Corner 23’s name.


Uncle Lu accepts cash only.

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  1. Ursula Schmelcher

    Since today it is utterly pouring rain it would sure be nice to see that weather again. A hot pork and noodle dish would be perfect for today.

  2. MizzJ

    Looks really yum! I actually wouldn’t mind that there was a lot of cabbage compared to noodles, more veg is always welcome!

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