East Fusion Food, Richmond

It was a rainy winter day. Ben and I intended to go for a walk but were hampered by the rain.


Since we were already out, we went looking for a new place for lunch. We found a restaurant that we have not been to before on Capstan Way; East Fusion Food.


It looks like East Fusion Food took over a hot pot restaurant with the sprinklers still intact and even the tables are meant for hot pot.


Ben found his favourite dish on the menu, rice in soup. He ordered the oyster and minced pork rice in soup but the server told us that they ran out of oyster. So, Ben opted for the next rice with soup dish which is fish fillet and Chinese celery. The $7.95 dish came in a large bowl. In fact, it’s enough tol feed two of us fine. A comfort food for a rainy day.


I ordered a salted fish pork cheek claypot rice for $6.95. The server told us that it will take a while which is understandable as it takes time to cook claypot rice from scratch.


The small piece of salted fish did not seem to have much impact on the rice. I did not really taste the salted fish. But the generous amount of pork cheek is good, springy. The sauce that goes with the claypot rice was not too salty which is good.


We were right about the previous tenant of this restaurant. Even the receipt still bears the Main Hot Pot name.

When I got home and try to look for Eat Fusion Food on Urbanspoon.com, all I found is the East Fusion Food in Chinatown. Now, I realized that this restaurant certainly related to the one in Chinatown because on the way out, we recalled seeing a poster of Wonton Noodle for $3.95, just like the one in Chinatown offers.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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Daily 10AM to 11PM

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  1. Joseph

    Hi Suanne, is this restaurant located next door from the Chiu Chow restaurant?

    1. Suanne

      Hi Joseph, yes, it’s near the Top Chiu Chow Cuisine.

  2. Bert

    Interesting, the menu is all in English.

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