The One Cafe on No. 3 Road

Ben wanted Hong Kong style cuisine for dinner. It’s been a long while since we last visited The One across the Brighouse skytrain station simply because of it’s very limited parking.


Ben, Arkensen and I shared two dishes since Arkensen was not really hungry. One of the dishes which Ben ordered was Curry Lamb with rice. It was kind of weird to have lamb slices for curry. I always associate curry with chunks of meat and not meat in thin slices. The lamb flavour was not pronounced, perhaps over powered by the spices in the curry.


Since Arkensen likes baked rice, Ben ordered a Baked Portuguese Chicken on Rice. This was sweetish with a strong coconut flavour. There were tomatoes and onions in the curry with chunks of boneless chicken. Arkensen was surprised that this was served with steam rice on the side and not with fried rice under the curry.


Nanzaro was not sharing food with us because he had a cold. He had the whole plate of Diced Chicken with Salted Fish Fried Rice by himself. Ben and I managed to steal a couple of spoons of his fried rice before Nanzaro started to dig in. It was ok with generous amount of chicken meat.


The meal came with a free hot drink. Cold drink with extra 0.50 charge.


The One accepts cash only.

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One thought on “The One Cafe on No. 3 Road

  1. It seems like a lot of those places accept only cash. Why is that? If it were in the US they can’t really do that much. I’ve only been to one place that makes donuts in Maryland that only accepts cash, everyone else accepts everything.

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