Old Buddies Seafood Restaurant on Alexandra Road

Ben, Nanzaro and I went out for lunch on a Sunday afternoon as Arkensen wanted to sleep in during weekends.


We took the opportunity to go to Old Buddies Seafood Restaurant which Arkensen refuses to go to since it took over his favourite Hong Kong style restaurant, Kam Do Bakery and Restaurant.


The restaurant has been nicely renovated but strangely it does not look as big. Perhaps, it’s due to the use of round tables.


I ordered the Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup to share with Ben as I saw many tables have it. It came with 5 golf ball size shrimp wontons.


The wonton soup is mild and not too salty. It was a good bowl of wonton noodle soup for $5.50.


Ben ordered a Po Fish with Fried E-fu Noodle for $11.50 to share with me. We can detect shiitake mushroom and chives in it but where is the Po Fish?


Ben also ordered a Taiwanese style Milk Tea (without the bubbles) for $2.50 with an order a menu item. I think it is $4+ by itself.


Nanzaro ordered the Beef in Soy Sauce with Fried Noodle for $10.25. We felt that it lacks “wok breath”.


Old Buddies Seafood Restaurant only accepts Visa Card and Cash.

Old Buddies Menu (1)Old Buddies Menu (2)Old Buddies Menu (3)

You can click on the take out menu to have a larger view.


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  1. mamacat

    The chef from this restaurant is from Ho Yuen Kee on Fraser. Their famous dishes include Salty Pork, Preserved Egg, Dried Oyster Congee and Whole Lobster on rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf.

  2. U Magazine

    The wonton noodle soup looks real good! Have to go try it. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Christine

    Looks like my kind of lunch! Do you think the noodles didn’t have enough “wok breath” because it wasn’t made by the main chef? Cause it’s hit and miss here at our favourite restaurants too.

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