Pho Queen Restaurant on Capstan Way, Richmond

Our boys wanted Vietnamese for lunch. We were at Costco before lunch and we went to scour the nearby neighbourhood for a Vietnamese restaurant.


We intended to try the newish Pho Ho on Sexsmith but we went to the wrong strip mall and ended up at Pho Queen.


The restaurant is spacious and not too busy since we were there before noon.


The bean sprout came out first as usual. They were blanched as we could see steam coming out from the plate.


Arkensen always get the special beef noodle soup, large for $7.50. The Pho Queen Special comes with rare beef, well done flank, tendon,tripe and beef meatballs.


Nanzaro ordered the Curry Chicken served with vermicelli for $6.50. This dish has the option of serve with steamed rice. Nanzaro was expecting the vermicelli to be served on the side but it came all in a bowl. It was not spicy hot but rich in spice flavour.


Ben had Spicy Bun Bo Hue Soup with well done flank, pork hock and Vietnamese ham. It is not as spicy as we expected. The large is also $7.50.


I had the Phnom Penh Egg Noodle dry version. Small for $6.50. This has liver, heart, shrimp, squid and pork.


The egg noodle is of the thick version. Perhaps I did not stir the noodle well, the bottom of the bowl was quite oily at the end of my meal.


Pho Queen Restaurant accepts debit card and cash only.

Pho Queen Menu (1)Pho Queen Menu (2)Pho Queen Menu (3)

The menu above is just for reference of what items the restaurant serve. Some of the prices has gone up as the menu states “prices subject to change without notice’.

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  1. Sedap Makan

    It is hard to beat Pho as a value for money meal out. How was the broth. To me this is the biggest differentiator. Sometimes its just too mch MSG.

    If you are ever out in Maple Ridge, there is a place called Pho Song. 223 and Lougheed. It is the best place I have found. I have eaten a ton of pho including Pho Thai Hoa Restaurant on Kingsway and Phenom Phen.

    Great broth,and there lemon grass beef and spring rolls are excellent.

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